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QUALITY: We aim to create the highest caliber of work—artistically and administratively—as well as excellent staff and patron services that enable this work to be produced and received in the most positive way.

INCLUSION: We explore and celebrate the broad diversity of our world and commit to nurturing an inclusive ethos that is welcoming and inspirational to all.

CITIZENSHIP: We demonstrate how a theatre company inextricably committed to the betterment of its locality can wield a nationally resonant, influential voice in the advancement of the art form in an ever-changing world.  

INNOVATION: We expand boundaries and explore the full scope of theatrical storytelling through narrative, across art forms, new technologies, and inventive messaging strategies.

SUSTAINABILITY: We pursue our mission in a responsible manner that equally respects artistic innovation and financial integrity.


CULTIVATION:  We aim to create a diverse group of Resident Artists to inspire professional development within the company and community.

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