Opal Theatre Co. invites you to our first Digital Reading 

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

BLEEDING HEARTS by Steve Yockey, will premiere on Vimeo for a limited time, September 10th, 2020. An in-home experience available on popular streaming devices including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, computers, tablets, and smartphones. 


Sloane isn't sure why exactly her husband Timothy brought home a probably dangerous drifter with a knife, but she doesn’t like it. Of course, it's hard to focus when her wealthy neighbor keeps dropping by to steal anything not nailed down. And then things get violent.

BLEEDING HEARTS is a breakneck, pitch black farce about the disappearing middle class and how people forget to put themselves in each other’s shoes. Directed by Daniel Vogt, starring Catherine Richardson, Matthew Melton, McKenna Kline, Tristan Berg, and sound designed by Dylan Eller. 


All Patreon members of $3/mo or more will receive a complementary rental code to our first Digital Adaptation in September, along with continued access to the Production Blog. The next Blog will be live Thursday, 7/30 with new details and materials about the adaptation. 

Opal Theatre Company has not done this before. Nor have we ever experienced a digital adaptation of a script quite in the way that we want to produce one. That’s why we will be closing Season II and positioning Season III with a new format in mind.

We’re shaking in our sandals with excitement over what we’re making for you, and in a way that does not ask performers or attendees to put their health at risk. Please support us by leaving a comment, following our Spotify profile, signing up for Patreon, or by sharing our profile! 

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