The Humans

A Theatrical Reading

March 23rd @ 6 pm

Boise Contemporary Theater

"The Humans" performance is part of Treefort 2019. To secure your spot at the reading, you can get your Treefort Festival Pass here. Tickets for the reading will be available at the door once all Treefort pass holders have been admitted.

About "The Humans"

When Erik Blake arrives for Thanksgiving at his daughter's new, yet decrepit, Manhattan apartment with his wife and Alzheimer's-haunted mother, we are introduced to a family frighteningly like our own. Erik and his wife -- disappointed that their daughters have abandoned their non-metropolitan values in search of greater things in New York City -- have come for the holidays, loaded down with moral baggage of their own. Left together, the five Blakes represent the brokenhearted, the newly in love, the lost to time and the lost to themselves.

As the play unfolds, we find ourselves deeper and deeper in the hearts of family who love each other, yet who find themselves forced to pit ththat love against their basic human fears: old age, abandonment, poverty, and death. "The Humans" is a tremendous balancing act between heart, humor, and hurt by Stephen Karam.

About Opal Theatre Readings

Our theatrical readings are our way of giving you the good stuff in between our full-blown performances. Most often held at White Dog Brewery, we provide an experience that is built from the actors' ability to reel you in with the energy of their words in lieu of a theatrical set or stage.


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